Amrita Angappa

Digital Content Manager at iQuantM Technologies
I'm a content manager looking forward to scaling my brand through brilliant words.

How can businesses flourish in 2021 through online communities?

Every business gets an opportunity to connect with new members when they sign up to join an online community.

This can help them:
  • Build their brand
  • Grow their customer base
  • Create thought leadership
  • Share valuable content
  • Network like a pro

Would you agree?

How to build my B2B brand?

I have been working as a content writer but I want my blogs and articles to reach a wider circle. I am looking forward to increasing my website traffic. It would be great if you can help me with SEO, branding and digital marketing strategies.

A Content Writer in the startup corner

I am Amrita. I have been working as a content writer for the past 3 years in 3 startups. I am looking forward to collaborating with people.

How can businesses grow further with an ERP Software?

Nowadays, ERP Software is dominating the industry. Businesses can scale up to new heights with the availability of insightful data and resources available to them with ERP Software. They can cut costs and save time to a great extent on unnecessary tasks.